William Smith


Bill has financed manufactured homes for seniors using reverse mortgages for 15 years. In 2006 he successfully lobbied Congress for HUD rule changes, significantly expanding the market for FHA mortgages for manufactured housing. In 2016, he founded Sequoia Home Funding and developed a proprietary financing program that enables residents of manufactured home communities to replace their obsolete mobile homes. Prior to his involvement in the mortgage industry, Bill was a telecommunications industry executive and entrepreneur and founded two publicly traded telecom companies.


Chris Gahman


Chris was CEO of Confection Marketing Corporation for 25 years, CMC is a Michigan food brokerage that distributed candy and snack products to major retailers throughout the Midwest and south. Under his guidance, the company grew from a startup to over $30 million in annual sales. He was responsible for the development and execution of innovative sales and retail marketing programs and product promotions for nationwide retailers.


Adria Vidaurri

Construction Manager

Adria has held management positions in the homebuilding industry for over 15 years. She was most recently the purchasing manager of New Point Communities, a San Diego area home construction company and prior to that was the Affordable Housing Division Coordinator for Emmerson Construction. She has held management positions with Barratt American and was Assistant Project Manager with American Renovation & Construction, a government contractor in Puerto Rico involved with the construction of military family housing. Adria’s extensive experience with procurement, subcontractor agreements, construction coordination and project budgets is invaluable to Sequoia.


John Engstrom

Field Supervisor

John monitors and oversees Sequoia’s individual manufactured home projects and coordinates activities with dealers and contractors. John brings over 25 years of residential construction experience to Sequoia. He has been responsible for new site built home construction projects as well as major remodeling and reconstruction. His knowledge and experience with all building trades enables Sequoia to complete new manufactured construction projects on time and on budget.


Barbara Smith


Barbara has held financial services management positions for over 30 years. She was manager of financial services at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. where she was responsible for financial reporting for all film and television production. She was administrative director of facilities for Lucasfilm Ltd. where she managed the financing for the construction and development of the extensive film studio and production properties in Marin County, California. For seven years, she was responsible for the financial management of her family’s chain of five retail/credit jewelry stores in Los Angeles.


Tara Butler


Tara has been a real estate escrow officer and has held executive administrative assistant positions for over 14 years. Her escrow experience included responsibilities regarding title, grant deed, appraisals, loan documentation, and property insurance. She processed contracts and leases and oversaw property transactions for Regency Centers, a nationwide developer, owner and operator of commercial property, in their Solana Beach office. In addition to her corporate and escrow experience, she has been a small business owner as an Avis franchisee in the truck and car rental business.